Friday, January 26, 2007


Worth the minutes you spend in prayer:


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  1. Stan,
    I’m a first time blog responder. Got here by a rather circuitous route starting with some exposure to Ray Guarendi (EWTN) and an invitation from a fellow parishioner to my wife and I to participate with our priest and a small group to invite local fallen away Catholics to discuss the objections/views/ experiences that led them to “fall away.”
    I share the same fear you do (the servant who returned his talent unmultiplied) and gladly said our “yes” to the invitation. The motivation wasn’t entirely based on fear! It’s an area both my wife and I are deeply interested in. The 2 EWTN airings we’ve seen featuring Dr. Guarendi and Fr. Fete came immediately to mind as a possible resource so I’ve spent a good part of today “researching” what SWC Films and Nineveh’s Crossing are all about. And so I read and thoroughly enjoyed all of your Blog postings. I’ll be calling in the next few days to order Why Be a Catholic and/or What Catholics Really Believe hoping that some or all may help us as a resource.
    God bless you, your family and your work.

    Don Render
    Salmon Arm
    British Columbia