Saturday, September 1, 2007

Nineveh's Crossing Presents

FaithTV to air New Series
Nineveh's Crossing Presents
Mondays 9:30 PM ET - SkyAngel 9708 - Begins October 2007

Over the past weeks, as we pursued Protestant television networks to air Common Ground, we found ourselves in conversation with the VP of Programming for one of the more popular Protestant Christian Television Networks called FaithTV. You can find them on the SkyAngel Satellite at channel 9708.

After FaithTV agreed to air Common Ground (October 4, 2007 - 8 PM ET, and October 5, 2007 Midnight ET (which is 9 PM for the West Coast), we were asked if we had other programming that we'd like to air on a regular basis. Naturally, we would like to air all of our programming, but we doubted that an Evangelical Protestant network would air programs about explicit Catholic teachings through vehicles like Dr. Ray Guarendi's Why Be Catholic? and What Catholics Really Believe. Like most networks, FaithTV must approve every program that is aired and ensure that there is no "objectionable" content. In this case, the objectionable content could be explicit teachings about Catholicism. After a preliminary e-mail describing our Catholic programming, at their request, we sent DVDs to FaithTV and asked them to screen Dr. Ray's programs just mentioned, especially one of the episodes on Mary.

A few days later I received this email -- to my total amazement:
Dear Stan:
We received your DVD's. We are very compelled by them. Your production is very well done and the information is important. We feel that our viewers need to hear what you have to say. We may get complaints, but, I feel that most of our viewers will feel as we do that they do not really know what the Catholic Church believes and it is that ignorance that causes the biggest divide... If you are willing to jump in this very Protestant arena...then we are willing to take the risk with you.
M.M., VP Programming
I had my questions, you can be sure. We e-mailed back and forth and then talked by phone. One thing I was told was that there was a popular Evangelical preacher on Tuesday nights that occasionally ranted on Catholicism as the Anti-Christ. M.M. seemed anxious to give us (Catholics) "equal time." It should be interesting.

So, this past week, I signed a contract. The FaithTV program guide says:
Mondays 9:30 PM ET (beginning October 2007)
Nineveh's Crossing Presents explores and celebrates the Christian faith from a Roman Catholic perspective with educational talks, documentaries, interviews, and entertainment.

We begin the first week in October. We will start with Dr. Ray's You're a Better Parent Than You Think, which was, in fact, the first program I produced for Dr. Ray years ago, and what could be said was the instigation for what has become Nineveh's Crossing. Our programming will continue, of course, with our Catholic programs, other documentaries, interviews, and concerts. One series I'm looking forward to producing will center on the Best Practices of Adult Faith Formation...for which we need a sponsor to help fund it.

An added bonus, is that longer form documentaries are open for me to submit for airing on Thursday evenings in a 2-hour slot. That is where Common Ground, and some other programming that we sell may soon air. We'll keep you posted.

All of this, of course, is as the Lord wills and as we follow Him and not get ahead. So, please pray for us. The days coming up with be very busy.