Friday, November 9, 2007

Index of Recent Articles and Blogs

Immediately below are links to my articles on Catholic Exchange, and below those, links to recent blogs on this site that reference Faith Formation issues.

Trying to Fly With One Wing Series
11/8/2007 - Part 10: Using the Wrong Reasons
10/25/2007 - Part 9: Boston Legal and Henry VIII
10/5/2007 - Part 8: Raising a Red Flag on Irrelevant Appeals
09/13/2007 - Part 7: The Suspension of Judgment
08/30/2007 - Part 6: Irrelevant Appeals
08/16/2007 - Part 5: The Relevancy of Evidence
07/26/2007 - Part 4: Four Criteria of a Great Argument
07/12/2007 - Part 3: Argument vs. Opinion
06/28/2007 - Part 2: Faith vs. Reason?
06/14/2007 - Part 1: Unconfirmed!

Index to all my articles on C.E. over the years.

Faith Formation Blogs

The Need for Adult Sunday School in Every Catholic Parish.
My seminal blog on On-Fire Protestant or Lukewarm Catholic issue

Christ Came to Set Us Ablaze

Basics of Teen Faith Formation

Specific Ideas for Faith Formation Classes
This also appeared on Catholic Exchange 11/23/07

Nineveh’s Crossing Presents
(Announcement of our Catholic series on Protestant television)

Youth Praise Night

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