Sunday, March 16, 2008

Case for Mary's Perpetual Virginity

Here's a great post by Dr. Brant Pitre on a "newly discovered" O.T. argument supporint Mary's Perpetual Virginity, on his blog Singing in the Reign

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Moral Breakdown Can Lead to Islamic Takeover

This post is from, Dr. Christine A. Mugridge, a friend in Rome working on various communication projects for the Catholic Church.


I saw this article and felt it was important enough to share - perhaps it will give us insight into how far Europe is falling into its post-Christian troubles. I feel that the Netherlands are like the "canary in the tunnel" for us ... We in the US talk about tolerance and dialogue for example on our Catholic campuses - we have a false understanding of dialogue altogether. A sad example of this point is the Notre Dame president's insistence on allowing the play "The V Monologues" on campus. This is not dialogue properly understood. The Holy Father in Rome is engaged in active dialogue and scientific/theological reflection. Yet, I can't imagine the Vatican allowing a "gay club" or allowing the performance of such a play on its premises in the name of "diversity and dialogue". The issue of political "tolerance" today is too often a catch-all word to allow the legalization of immorality. As we can see from the prophetic writings of P.Paul VI in Humanae Vitae - immorality is a slippery slope which leads society to further falling into a degraded state of life, contrary to the dignity of the human person made in the image and likeness of God.

Many countries in Europe have a history of religious persecution against Christianity, against the Catholic Faith. Now, that faith is asleep and a rise of a false notion of "freedom" has dominated society and a cultural take-over of a society in a "post-Christian era" has happened already. But, peoples' hearts long for the Truth and religious definition. If the Church doesn't fulfill this need as is her mandate by Christ - there are other religious groups that long to capitalize on it. The murder of the screenwriter in the Netherlands shows us that these groups are not playing around. We need to pay attention to the downward spiral of the a-moral cultural trends circulating the world. The key point here in this article is that a Cardinal is speaking so bluntly about the topic. He's in the thick of things - he should know!

Dutch Cardinal: Moral Breakdown Has Left Holland Open to Islamic Takeover [UTRECHT, The Netherlands] November 18, 2004 (

Cardinal Adrianis Simonis of Utrecht believes that the "spiritual vacuity" of Dutch society has left the Netherlands open to an Islamic cultural takeover.

"Today we have discovered that we are disarmed in the face of the Islamic danger," the cardinal told the Italian daily Avvenir. He pointed out that even some young people who were born and raised in the Netherlands have become militant Muslims. The rise of Islam, Cardinal Simonis said, is related to "the spectacle of extreme moral decadence and spiritual decline that we offer" to young people.

"Nowadays political leaders ask whether the Muslims will accept our values," the Dutch cardinal observed. "I ask, 'What values are those? Gay marriage? Euthanasia?'"

If those are the reigning moral principles on which today's society is built, Cardinal Simonis continued, he rejects them as emphatically as Islamic leaders.

The cardinal said that he did not intend to take an extreme position, insisting "fundamentalism is always a problem." But on the other hand, he said, a society must be based on a common understanding of public order and morality. "It isn't enough to learn our language," he said.

The problem for the Netherlands, the cardinal continued, is a "lack of identity." The time is long past, he observed, when Christians "would fight and die for their faith." Today Islamic radicals are prepared to fight, as was evident earlier this month when the noted screenwriter Theo van Gogh was assassinated by Muslim zealots. Cardinal Simonis added that he still holds out "hope that these tragic facts will force us to recover our identity."

Commenting on the Dutch tradition of tolerance, Cardinal Simonis observed that the notion of "tolerance" as it is understood there today is a recent development. "For three centuries, Catholics were barred from public office," he noted. The current penchant for "tolerance," he said, "came later, after a common loss of faith-- roughly 40 years ago."

Today Dutch society is known for its permissive attitude toward social issues, with laws that allow euthanasia, same-sex marriage, widespread use of recreational drugs, prostitution, and adoption by homosexual couples.

Cardinal Simonis said that the best prospect for recovery would come if the younger generation returned to Christian traditions. "That is my hope, and I do see signs that young people are rediscovering the faith," he said.
(article excerpt end)

Dr. Christine A. Mugridge
Rome, Italy
Editor of: God's Call To Women

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Black Genocide

Many times I have thought that had I been born in the South a few decades earlier, I would have been impelled by every fiber of my body and soul, to fight with my life for the civil rights movement. I am embarrassed with shame that blacks have been treated with the worst kind of prejudice and hatred.

And so I am numbed with disbelief by the embrace of many, many African Americans who have so readily accepted abortion as some sort of weird solution to their situation, when abortion is from it's very root a racist ploy by political and white racists to rid the earth of black people. Watch the video on the web link below.

Dr. Alvia King speaks out regularly against black genocide and here's the website that says it all. What follows is the opening text from run by Rev. Clenard Childress. Jr. Why aren't more black ministers.... what are not ALL black ministers preaching this message?

Between 1882 and 1968, 3,446 Blacks were lynched in the U.S. That number is surpassed in less than 3 days by abortion.

1,452 African-American children are killed each day by the heinous act of abortion.

3 out of 5 pregnant African-American women will abort their child.

Since 1973 there has been over 13 million Black children killed and their precious mothers victimized by the U.S. abortion industry.

In his Letter from a Birmingham Jail, Martin Luther King said, "The early church brought an end to such things as INFANTICIDE." What would Martin Luther King say to the church today?

The Rev. Jesse Jackson once said:

"That is why the Constitution called us three-fifths human and then whites further dehumanized us by calling us 'niggers'. It was part of the dehumanizing process. The first step was to distort the image of us as human beings in order to justify that which they wanted to do and not even feel like they had done anything wrong. Those advocates of taking life prior to birth do not call it killing or murder, they call it abortion. They further never talk about aborting a baby because that would imply something human. Rather they talk about aborting the fetus. Fetus sounds less than human and therefore abortion can be justified".

Jackson's massive flip-flop on the abortion issue is further proof that his political future is far more important to him than are his principles. With 1/3 of all abortions performed on Black women, the abortion industry has received over 4,000,000,000 (yes, billion) dollars from the Black community.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Reason and Faith ON-THE-AIR

Beginning tonight, I start a radio series that deals substantially with the book I've been writing and which has been released chapter-by-chapter on Catholic Exchange.

John Kruse has invited me to be on his show every weekday (M-F) to discuss logic, fallacies, culture, movies, the debate over God's existence, evolution and intelligent design. And that's just in the first hour. (Just kidding.) We'll actually pick one sub-topic per week, or roughly speaking one chapter of my book-in-progress (Reason & Faith: Why Trying To Fly With One Wing Makes Culture Dizzy) each week. I'll be on for just 10 minutes on Mondays (about 9:47 PM), Wednesdays (9:05 PM), and Fridays (9:05 PM), but on Tuesdays and Thursday I'll be in-studio for the whole hour (9:05 PM - 9:55 PM).

The John Kruse Show can be heard on terrestrial radio (1400 AM WDTK, in the Detroit area, Eastern Time 9 PM-10 PM) or over the Internet (live streamed) by going to www.WDTKAM.COM and clicking on the LISTEN button at the top left of the page. Mac users need to click on the smaller "Mac User" button and allow the software to place a link in your iTunes application. After than you just need to open iTunes and click on the WDTK link.

WDTK is a 1000-watt, 24/7, conservative talk radio station in Detroit with nationally syndicated hosts all day and night, except for this one hour of local programming. John's show comes right after Dennis Miller, and just before Michael Savage.

You can read ahead of the show and keep pace with the book's chapters as I write and post them at Or click on the image.