Sunday, September 28, 2008

Child Protective Services With Too Much Autonomy

I've been on the fringe of a Gestapo-styled Child Protective Services (CPS) case for the past year, and I've been told by someone who should know that my name is probably listed on a "Child Abuse" list somewhere. I've been advised to sue the state over it, if I can discover the list.

[An aside: Jon Stewart makes a good case for NOT calling people Hitler-like, or Gestapo-ish, or invoking Nazis in this very good piece. Hitler's References. But what does that leave us - "Marxist Tendencies?" I do think, as good a piece as Jon's is, that he's probably never seen police detectives or CPS workers harass citizens like I have, even to the point that a very good friend of mine felt the need to commit suicide last summer to escape the horror of seeing his livihood and family destroyed. I pray that his widow and kids see the authorities sued, put out of their jobs and hopefully put in prison for a spell, and be reimbursed financially for the wreckless abuse they suffered. When I see the incessive lies on court petitions put their by over zealous CPS investigators and prosecutors, and the autonomy they have to destroy families, and even indirectly cause of deaths of children and parents -- Gestapo-like and Nazi-like is appropriate. And the judges that sign these petitions are guilty, too.]

What concerns me more (than my name being on the SS's list) is the rampant abuse that CPS inflicts on families under the color of law, without a court hearing. And when there are hearings the judge usually only hears from the CPS workers, who's job appears to be the prosecution of easy marks—poor persons and the uneducated.

I am quickly coming to a point of hating how my country works because of the evil that is done in name of justice and protection. Good families are destroyed, and the unborn are killed. This morning I discovered I am far from being alone. There are thousands out there fighting CPS. Google "CPS ABUSE". Here are a few of the top links, which include frighting videos of Kidnapping by the government.

National Coalition for Child Protection Reform

Over 100 links to CPS Abuse pages:

Kidjacked - check out the T-shirts

Reform CPS Now

Fight CPS (contains videos)

Fight CPS Packet Info

And these books:



  1. Stan, excellent post, and you're right about what's happening. But, please, don't hate! That's falling into the trap. Love our country! Pray for her! At least, love who she was, and pray that we'll be able to someday return to a true democratic republic, a truly free country once again.

    By the way, I think this post is 100% related to the next one about stem cell research: the assault on the unborn, the disconnect of law and morality, is causing all of this.

    We need to fast and pray. See The Anchoress. We are on the verge of a precipice in this country; we all need to be on our knees.

    Your posts reflect the moral collapse that has occurred, next comes the economic collapse, then the governmental collapse. Then, we start over.

    Pray, and fast.

  2. My friend, you are dead on. However, you leave out the incentives given to system sucks such as doctors, shrinks and lawyers or the private foster care and adoption agencies who are given nice little state contracts to care so much about our children.

    Follow the money trail.

  3. I was supposedly placed on an abuse/neglect list and was told I could be removed. I am yet to try but I will eventually. Actually I since have gotten my child returned so I have never chcked to see if I was even placed on the list. It is so true on the belief that CPS trys to target poor uneducated people. They had one coming when I pulled an Ace out of my pocket I am not finished with them legally and they are already regretting it!