Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Matthew 25 or Numbers 22?

Got word today of Obama's Matthew 25 effort.

Their effort should be called Numbers 22. There they will find the story of Balaam riding his Democratic (I want it both ways) ass. Obama reminds me of Balaam... he can't hear God clearly, and he wants mothers to kill their babies if they want to, just like Balaam wanted to work for God AND Balak. God didn't like the duplicitous thinking.

The line from Matthew 25 that comes to mind, here paraphrased, is "When did you see an abortion about to take place and stop it? Or did you defend the killing of babies against all efforts by others to stop it?"

The line from Obama's mouth that spits in the face of everything in Matthew 25 is his thanks to Planned Parenthood "I thank you for all you do for our neighborhoods...." like helping our black mothers kill their babies. He might have well said, "We outlawed segregationist policies of the South and the lynchings, but there is more than one way to kill off African Americans." (See Roland S. Martin's Shameful Action.)

Obama believes he can perform evil acts but tell you they are righteous. A most dangerous person.

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