Friday, July 26, 2013

Malaysia & Latoya Deliver "What Catholics Really Believe"

We've sold over 2,100 copies of the book version of "What Catholics Really Believe" and after some heart searching and prayer, Dr. Ray and I decided that we were not ready to let this beautiful book go out of print. The origional print order was just over 2,500 copies.  The book is popular, and it's being used around the world for Catholic studies. We print it in Malaysia (via Imago) so that we can sell here it at a reasonable price. I don't mind defending that decision:

a. After polling over a dozen printers here in the U.S. none could provide us with the special "flex binding" that we think is a great feature for a study book of this kind.

b. The prices we did receive for U.S. side printing of this book (with normal binding) would have forced the retail price of the book to nearly $90. But, now we can sell it for a suggested retail list price of $24.95 -- and the street price, especially in bundles is much lower.

c. I'm sure, now with the second printing delivered, that more than a few copies of the book have found their way into the Malaysia public, and thus we've covertly been able to do a little missionary work in a country the other side of the world and is mostly non-Christian.

LaToya Delivers. 2,628 WCRB Books from Malaysia
So, the other day, after a 6-week trip by container ship across the Pacific and then trucked from Long Beach, CA local Road Runner logistics truck driver LaToya delivered another 3 pallets of the book (2,628 copies) at our door step.

She also holds a copy of Deacon Alex Jones' latest effort, WISDOM FROM ABOVE, the 13 part DVD series currently playing on EWTN and a few other networks. Both gifts from us.

If you haven't seen the inside of this volume, it is truly stunning and educational. Here's the link to a page that has sample pages. (Scroll to the bottom of the left-hand column and click on the thumbnails for larger images.