Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Ford Motor Company and LGBT Promoters are the Intolerant Bigots

The unfortunate thing about dictionaries is that they define words based on their usage, and if the usage is ambiguous or equivocal, the dictionary is, by function, destined to promulgate such confusion.  This contributes to social unrest and misunderstanding when words lose their ability to discriminate from one another, and individuals and social groups argue past each other by using the same terms but not the same underlying definitions.

Terms that have fallen prey to such catastrophic use are  "intolerance," "discriminate" and "bigot."

In the social conversations about the acceptance or rejection of LGBT values, individuals and groups that are against LGBT values are often derogatorily called "intolerant," "bigots," and their disagreement with LGBT values "discriminatory."  Where those supporting LGBT values are called "fair-minded," and "loving." But

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Sweet Cakes Tolerance vs. Tyranny. Who's the Bully? Brad Avakian?

Regarding: Sweet Cakes by Melissa in Oregon will have to pay $60,000 in damages to Laurel Bowman-Cryer, and $75,000 in damages to Rachel Bowman-Cryer so rules Oregon Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian.

Let's define tolerance and intolerance, discrimination and prejudice, shall we?

"Discrimination" is not necessarily a bad thing. The laws of the land discriminate between what politicians determine is right and wrong. Religions discriminate between what theologians determine is right and wrong. Personally, we discriminate between whom we make friends with and who we don't. It's good to discriminate against criminals and bad influences.

The same can be said of the term "prejudice." The law is prejudice in favor of those that obey the law and is prejudice against those that disobey the law. God is prejudice against sinners, and prejudice in favor of the his rules of discrimination, by the way.

For a bakery to discriminate against a homosexual couple and refuse to bake a cake for their commitment ceremony, and letting the couple buy a cake somewhere else is tolerant.

Throwing homosexuals off roof-tops to kill them is

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Double Dog Dare

David Lewis Crawford - Family Songs from a Whimsical Heart 
 Approved therapy for parents.

  • Behavior Modificationary Blues (3:41) 
  • Our Love Is Forever (5:58)
  • Double Dog Dare (3:29)
  • Pachelbel Bedtime (3:18)
  • In My Dreams (3:18)
  • Spoiled Bumblebee (1:51)    
  • Heelies (2:57)
  • Walkin' Daddy Blues (3:15)
  • Sabre Dance Morning (2:30)
  • Your Eyes (3:37)   
  • I'm Travelin' On (3:09)  

    David is an singer-songwriter treasure whose humorous songs are a mellow blend of down-home folk, whimsey and romance, with touches of blues, classical and country. Think Glen Campbell and Allan Sherman. Fans claim his songs are sweet and pure like the smell of fabric softener expelled from a clothes dryer on a hot summer day. Other times they sound like a seal barking for help on a mid-summer glacier flow with several hungry polar bears closing in. Whatever you want to call it, his witty and endearing lyrics are matched only by melodies that lodge in your brain like cotton candy that sticks to the roof of your mouth.
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