Sunday, July 10, 2016

Best Practices of Faith Formation

A Modest Television Documentary Proposal

Rather than forming their consciences around the infallible teachings of Catholicism in order to be salt and light to the culture, too many Christians in general and Catholics in particular have wallowed in the spice and shadows of self-indulgence that has led society in general into the shallows of immorality, greed, and pride. Without spiritual revival, conversion of hearts, and an incessant renewal, the destruction of life will continue and the destruction of America is inevitable. The problem and the solution has been well documented by Catholic Bishops... (To READ MORE Click Here to Download Document.)

More of this at the Nineveh's Crossing subsite BEST PRACTICES OF FAITH FORMATION.

How to Get Catholics to Read the Bible

Daily Bible reading and memorization will change a person's life for this life and for eternity. One of the first verses I memorized as a 4-year old was "Thy word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against thee." (Ps 119:11 - KJV).

Here are some ideas I presented during a panel discussion at a Catholic Conference on New Evangelization back in 2008. One of the topics was how to get Catholics to read their Bible more often than simply to listen to the readings during Mass once a week.

The ideas grew out of a television documentary project I had proposed titled "BEST PRACTICES OF FAITH FORMATION."

Because humans learn best through experience and action, these ideas are rooted in role modeling and physical activity.

1. The Mass rubrics should allow for a real Bible to be used during the Mass Readings.   Role Model what you want people to do. Simulate. Congregants do not