Friday, February 2, 2018

A Catholic Pre-Evangelistic Motion Picture

Dr. Stan Williams is a veteran filmmaker who happens to be a devout Catholic, as is his partner and wife of 48 years, Pam. Born and raised Evangelical Protestant, they converted to Catholicism in 1998 & 1999.

Their current project is titled ANNALIESE! ANNALIESE! It's billed as a quirky romantic comedy motion picture. It's about a man-hating millennial woman who in a bid to live a life without men, recruits the gay guy next door to help her become a nun, even though she's not religious. (She's a seriously lapsed Catholic.)  Sound scandalous? It's anything but.

According to Williams, they are attempting to create mainstream narrative projects that are first and foremost entertain secular audiences. To do this they come up with ironic but believable storylines. Then, they work hard to portray truth through organic circumstances, avoid didacticism, reveal the consequences of behavior contrary to the common good, and unabashedly explore contemporary, and perhaps uncomfortable, issues. "As an example," Williams says, "in ANNALIESE! ANNALIESE! we use humor to take on sexual harassment, assault, and pornography while elevating the role of women in global society." Tall order.

Williams isn't trying to convert anyone. He just wants to "present the truth, organically as he sees it in the universe." He calls it pre-evangelism.

But still some Christians (not all) do not understand what they are doing or why. That's why he's asking for help explaining their purpose and trying to rally other Christians and Catholics to boldly support culturally influencing projects like ANNALIESE! ANNALIESE! that break out of the parish basements.

To support the funding of the full-length feature project they produced a short-feature that acts as a prequel. The prequel is actually a series of Webisodes edited together into a 46-minute film they call "ANNALIESE! ANNALIESE! - The Backstory Webisodes." It premiered Sunday, January 28, 2018, at the Farmington Civic Theater, in Farmington, Michigan. But now they'e releasing The Webisodes in 4 parts as part of a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to find the money to produce the feature length movie. The project's main website is here:

The Kickstarter link is here:

Anyone that feels led to help them and help make ANNALIESE! ANNALIESE! is encouraged to visit their Kickstarter site and pledge. They have along way to go.

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