Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Praise for "Common Ground" from Evangelical

As I descrbed in the previous post, I met Rev. Martin Lombardo (Jesus Cares Ministry) at the National Religious Broadcasters Convention in Orlando, FL on Sunday afternoon, February 18, 2007. He sat behind a table holding onto his walking stick, at modest booth in the back corner of the huge exhibit hall.

An Evangelical-Pentecostal retired businessman from Boston, now a missionary, who moved to Rome, for the past 12 years he has spent an hour a day on his knees praying in front of the Vatican for the unity of the Christian Church.

During his Roman tenure, where he still lives with Kathy his wife, Rev. Lombardo met with John Paul II and would occasionally get personal greetings from JPII’s secretary, even has he kneeled beneath the Pope's window, hands raised, praying in the Spirit for the Catholic Church.

After telling me about his ministry, I told him about the Common Ground DVD. He was most interested, and so I gave him a screener copy.

Within a few days of my return to Michigan Marti called and started to overflow about the Common Ground DVD. I asked if I could quote him, and she said "most definiately." Here's what he said.

This is a great tool for the Kingdom of God.

This DVD can bring peace to the body of Christ in a beautiful way.

Every Evangelical pastor needs to see this DVD.

I do not have the words to say how important this is.

If you can find someone to underwrite 300 copies, I will get it into the hands of 300 Evangelical pastors that I know. They need to have their hearts changed with the truth.

Tell Fr. John Riccardo that the man who prays in front of the Vatican everyday, sends his congratulations. If he keeps this same vision, God has great plans for him. He's anointed.

Stan, regardless of rejection, keep moving forward with this project. The unity of the body of Christ is one of the most primary concerns of God's heart.

This is one of the tools that are taking the walls down within the body of Christ. It is part of God's master plan. This DVD is important because it moves the dialogue between Christian denominations out of the Vatican and into the halls of common men. That dialgoue has to get out of the Vatican and the conference rooms and into men's hearts.

What you are doing I cannot...I do not have the words to say how important this is. Don't let the hard spots, or anything stop you.
And then the man that prays for the Vatican everyday, prayed for me.
Father in the name of Jesus I ask your blessings over Stan, his family, and his loved ones. I thank you for the miraculous call you've put on this brother's life. I thank you for the tools you've created and given to him. You who know the end from the beginning and the beginning from the end have known about this tool and the eternal business it is about. Lord I ask to continue to fill Stan with the power of your Spirit. God, may he have the boldness of Joshua. May Stan hear your every word -- for the Lord thy God is with you. May he wake up with great excitement every day. God, thank you that he was willing to spend time with people like me in the corner. Thank you that you have given him a vision. And thank you for desiring to show yourself in ways he never ever dreamed. Thank you that he is walking with you. Thank you for entrusting him with something so elegant that he knows will bring you honor. As he goes forward in your name, hand-in-hand with you, may he always remember that you called him. You prepared him for this time. And you will direct his footpaths. Glory to you O, Lord.
Yes, you guessed it. After that I was crying.

If anyone can underwrite 300 copies of Common Ground for Rev. Lombardo, please let me know. You can buy inidvidual copies of Common Ground HERE. We also sell WHOLESALE
quanties to stores.

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