Sunday, February 17, 2008


Like many of us, I have strong political sensibilities, especially during this particular election year. I am an independent, and in the past have split my vote. I tend to look carefully at a politican's values and policies and compare them to Catholic and Christian teachings. They've never aligned perfectly, but we're not electing the pope, but someone who will be a defenders of our liberty, seek long-lasting peace (not short-term peace at any price), and have a high moral character.

CLICK on the image to the right, or the link below for a flash, web video of some value. The front part of this flash video says a lot about what my major issue is for this election. The protection of our citizens against those that have demonstrated the ability to kill and destroy us. After the beginning litany of remembrances of the attacks against the U.S., this video stats committing alarmist fallacies that are not true. But the up front list of attacks by radicals against us, is true, and the threats continue against us and our allies.

I cannot understand the policies of some candidates (like Obama) who advocate the retreat from the battle against those Islamic extremists who have repeatedly demonstrated their passion for the destruction of Western Civilization.
SIDE BAR: I have a pet theory that Obama only joined a Christian Church (a very liberal one, I might add, and one that I suggest he is not involved in) as political cover for his pubic endeavors. I take note that he refuses to recite the pledge of allegiance, wear an American Flag pin on his lapel, and now his wife comes out that the only thing she is proud of America for is the support for her husband's campaign. Whoa! I think he's part of a Islamic sleeper cell, but I hope I'm wrong.

(Posted days later: I may be wrong in the paragraph above, but perhaps only the proper nouns are wrong. Read this from Ronald Kessier)

It is true that Western democracies are not perfect. There are many times when I am embarrassed to be American. As I have thought about leaving for another country to live, and as I have visited a few, I keep coming back to the hope we have as American's and the greater liberty and freedom to express and seek the truth as we understand it, HERE, as opposed to anywhere else, even the U.K. and Canada, or the down-under continent.

So, perhaps we're left with the best of not perfect.

But, back to my objection about those that have advocated a pull out of Iraq and other places where we are defending our life and those of other countries. Why candidates like Obama seem to be so oblivious to the explicit and multiple attacks against us, not by a country but by a worldwide cult, is beyond me. I can only explain their declaration of pulling back from this war as a political gambit to secure power for their own aggrandizement. Surely Bush is not prosecuting this war for his own popularity. If he was, he would have pulled out long ago. Obama and others who declare a pull out can't be ignorant of the threat, so that leaves several other conclusions about their position, and none of them seem to fulfill the President's job of defending our interests and the lives of our citizens.

The WakeUpAmerica video, cited at the beginning, is a bit alarmist (at the end). But the up front litany of attacks on us by our enemies should remind us that something is more important than the color of a man's skin. It should be his (or her) policies to lead the military to protect us...and much of the world that otherwise would have little or no protection.

The other things that baffles me is why African Americans would support any candidate who's policies by enlarge have reduced the number of African American citizens by millions, through abortion. By the numbers alone (3 black babies are aborted for every white baby, I am told -- am I wrong?) abortion is a racist practice, just as it was advocated by those that founded Planned Parenthood to clean out the "weeds" in our midst. Why would blacks vote for a candidate of any color, who would advocate for this kind of genocide that can only be described as racial suicide. And why Christians would vote for the continuation of such genocide, regardless of how much they think Bush lied about the war effort, is beyond explanation.

In fact, I have only heard platitudes and NEVER one explanation. I've heard people say "I trust Obama totally" but never a logical reason why they trust a man who advocates the killing of their babies. The only reasons I hear are "Bush lied" .... which is not a reason, but a slogan. Bush has tried to ENLARGE the African American population by trying to get rid of abortion. The Democrats want to continue to marginalize and DECREASE the black population by encouraging the killing of their own kind.

Praying for LIFE and America.

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