Thursday, February 28, 2008

Best Adult Formation Practices: A Catholic Tent Revival

A few weeks ago, Catholic lay evangelist, Bill Wegner was in town giving a mission to hundreds at Our Lady of Good Council. Bill goes to St. Veronica's in Howell, NJ where I had interviewed his pastor, Fr. Brendan Williams, about the best practices of adult faith formation that he had learned and experienced in his life and ministry. We took advantae of Bill being in town, and did a one hour interview of him for use later in our Best Practices television series. At Nineveh's Crossing's Best Practices page we posted a 4 min clip of Bill's interview in which he describes his annual tent meeting set up -- and an evangelical altar call at a Catholic funeral. The clip is in a better form at Nineveh's Crossing, but I'll also post it here as well.

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