Friday, February 29, 2008

John Tesh: ALIVE music & dance

Years ago I was involved as the director of a television pilot that tried to take various artistic disciplines and incorporate them into a Christian worship experience. We didn't succeed for a matter of time and budget. But now comes John Tesh with an awe inspiring television production ALIVE: music&dance. Tesh has taken Christian worship music and married it with ballet, lyric dance, and hip hop in a benchmark production that should get all Christians (especially Catholics) to sit up and take notice.

Nineveh's Crossing is proud to be selling both the DVD and CD at lower than normal prices. The project airs on PBS, March 1, 2008, but should be a hit for home media.

We have clips and more detail about the project at our site. Click either of the images or this link: ALIVE: music&dance page.

Check it out.


  1. My family loved this program. I'm not sure what Mr. Williams means by 'especially Catholics'. My children are active at a dance company which has been blending Ballet, Hip-hop, Tap, Modern, and other forms of dance to praise God for years. In fact, it is located in SE Michigan. I commend John Tesh for producing the Alive show. God Bless! -Kevin Sweeney

  2. Thanks for the comment Kevin. What I meant by "especially Catholics" was the tendency of Catholics not to express themselves outwardly in worship (unless they're charismatic). My wife and I are Catholic "converts" from Evangelicalism, and what we miss in most Catholic masses is the excitement for the faith that John Tesh demonstrates in this production. I think there is a place for silent reverence, and when parishes practice such attitudes I love it. But I wish there was a mass that could incorporate the enthusiasm that the music and dance in this production by Tesh, demonstrates.