Monday, March 10, 2008

Reason and Faith ON-THE-AIR

Beginning tonight, I start a radio series that deals substantially with the book I've been writing and which has been released chapter-by-chapter on Catholic Exchange.

John Kruse has invited me to be on his show every weekday (M-F) to discuss logic, fallacies, culture, movies, the debate over God's existence, evolution and intelligent design. And that's just in the first hour. (Just kidding.) We'll actually pick one sub-topic per week, or roughly speaking one chapter of my book-in-progress (Reason & Faith: Why Trying To Fly With One Wing Makes Culture Dizzy) each week. I'll be on for just 10 minutes on Mondays (about 9:47 PM), Wednesdays (9:05 PM), and Fridays (9:05 PM), but on Tuesdays and Thursday I'll be in-studio for the whole hour (9:05 PM - 9:55 PM).

The John Kruse Show can be heard on terrestrial radio (1400 AM WDTK, in the Detroit area, Eastern Time 9 PM-10 PM) or over the Internet (live streamed) by going to www.WDTKAM.COM and clicking on the LISTEN button at the top left of the page. Mac users need to click on the smaller "Mac User" button and allow the software to place a link in your iTunes application. After than you just need to open iTunes and click on the WDTK link.

WDTK is a 1000-watt, 24/7, conservative talk radio station in Detroit with nationally syndicated hosts all day and night, except for this one hour of local programming. John's show comes right after Dennis Miller, and just before Michael Savage.

You can read ahead of the show and keep pace with the book's chapters as I write and post them at Or click on the image.

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