Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Marxism in Michigan and Texas: Tyranny vs Freedom

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I'm a Catholic Christian. I'm against a lot of things, including polygamy, and the violation of state laws that are meant to protect society from moral relativism and anarchy. But I am also against tyranny—the unbridled power of government to take away our individual rights under the color of protecting children, only to subject those children to terror of a "justice."

If you've been reading my blog, you'll know that the City of Novi, MI police, in cooperation with Oakland Country Child Protective Services have, under the color of law, reigned terror on a neighbor's family. Those two agencies, in my opinion, have been maliciously negligent, and the Detroit Free Press has done a series of articles about how the their incompetence has ruined the lives of a number of families in our area.

In an effort to purportedly protect the young children of this family from sexual abuse, a claim that all the sane individuals in the case believe to be false and contrived by the police and CPA to justify their jobs, the children were subjected to abuse at the hands of police and CPA by yanking them from their mother (because the mother might influence their testimony). Unfortunately, in the process, the prosecutor, police and CPA, and even some non-profit help agencies like Easter Seals, continue to harass the family, and giving the children every reason to rebel and act out. In their blundering effort to seek justice, these government agencies have violated the very basis of subsidiarity and have imposed on this family an unrest and harassment that can only be described as a revival of Marxism.

This has to stop. The government, in such cases, is not protective when the people elected and assigned to protect let the power go to their heads, for the moment or two in the spot light, and a tainted paycheck. They have seemed to relish in trumped up charging petitions for reasons that God only knows, and they should know He will judge. Now, comes the removal of 400 kids from their parents, in an effort to look for one kid, on the basis of what may have been a prank call. Thank you law enforcement for your loyalty to justice. I no longer trust the police as I once did.

The Texas "authorities" appear to have demonstrated, once again, that power corrupts. It is much more likely that testimony of children under the duress of being ripped from their parents will prove to be much more unreliable than if their parents were coaching them what to say. I believe that a wife does not have to testify against her husband, or vis-a-versa, so why must children be coerced into doing so by prejudiced interrogators who are out to justify their jobs.

I hope that somewhere, somehow, in our "justice" system, the police, prosecutors, and CPA responsible for this transitivity of Marxism is punished.

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