Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Catholic Vote Video by Grassroots Prompts Criticism

I just watched the Catholic Vote video that Grassroots did (CLICK ON PICTURE). I know Joe Campo and the guys in Brooklyn, and respect them a lot. I'm not sure who was behind the script for this Catholic Vote video, but I just sent off a pretty dissatisfied email to Joe. The video builds and builds and builds and ends on "Vote your Conscience."


It might as well say "Vote your own truth." "Vote Moral Relativism."

"Vote your conscience" is an oft used comment that relates to the significant section in the catechism on Human Dignity, particularly sections 1776-1802. But the problem, at least in the U.S., is not a conscience that is properly formed, but a "will" that is mistakenly taken for conscience. A properly formed conscience is only the first half of the trick. The second half is discerning between what you want, and what the church teaches. Your conscience should be driven by what the church teaches, not by what you want.

Too many Catholics falsely claim they are following their conscience when they vote for a pro-abortion candidate, claiming there are other issues. But our church leaders, as well as simple logic, explain that without LIFE none of the other issues matter. Therefore, stopping abortion becomes the most important issue. The Catechism has this to say about such erroneous judgment: "A mistaken notion of autonomy of conscience, [and] rejection of the Church's authority and her teaching...can be at the source of errors of judgment in moral conduct." (CCC 1792)

I think the video should have ended with a call to correctly form your moral conscience around what the church teaches. By simply ending with "Vote Your Conscience" nothing is challenged. And in today's politically equivocal climate for too many Catholics, the term "conscience" means the same thing as "whatever you want."

But, yes, Grassroots does a terrific job, and the video otherwise is great.

That is the problem with many "Catholics" in America. They want to believe whatever they want. They want to hold up their presumed conscience as truth. Sorry. God may judge you on your "true" conscience, but I'm willing to bet that what too many Catholics (and Christians) say their voting their conscience when in fact it's a poor rationalization to vote for a political agenda and toss truth to the wind.

Indeed LIFE is in the balance, and you can be sure that if Obama is elected more blacks than ever before will be killed in the abortion mills of this country. Go figure! Why would an African American run on a pro abortion ticket? More black babies have been killed in America over the past 20 years than any other race -- just as the founders of Planned Parenthood had planned. And Obama is willing to say "That's alright!" And he's willing to "THANK" Planned Parenthood for "all you do for our community."

And then, Catholic Vote comes out and says "Vote your Conscience."


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