Sunday, September 14, 2008

Catholicism, Other Dimensions, & the LHC

Who hasn't found interest in such science "fiction" things like other dimensions, black homes, time-travel, and worm holes? As a kid science was right up there with my interested in spiritual things. Little did I realize then, as I do now, that the spiritual realm and the realm of physics probably have a lot in common. That science and Christianity are opposed to each other has never made much sense to me. We know so little about science and physical natural laws, and the spiritual realm has always seemed to me to one in the same, with its mystery and attempt to explain why and what we're all about. I guess centuries ago Philosophy include Physical Science. Rightfully so.

When I became Catholic I saw the Mass in such terms as the other dimensions of the universe which we cannot perceive. Such other dimensions, in which God "frolics" on a "daily" basis, explain the miracles of the Bible, and why Christ could walk through walls. It's not science fiction, it's very easy to contemplate if you just allow for one more dimension of space. The Christian concept of eternity, in fact, is very much a part of the other dimensions of space and time that cosmology has always been about.

Some of this came to me in an essay I wrote, which was published in England some years ago. A later illustrated version is here: MASS DIMENSIONS.

I don't think many people took my speculative theology very serious (in that essay), but they might now -- with the latest attempts of natural science to look for those other dimensions in CERN's Large Hadron Colllider experiment firing up this month.

If you want to know more about it all, thank YouTube and the Internet. Here are some linksthat will help you understand CERN (The European Center of Nuclear Research, who invented the Internet in 1970 in order to share data, and now has "invented" the GRID), LHC, ATLAS (which is one of the experiments at LHC), and the wonderfully entertaining and educational LHC Rap from science writer and Michigan State University science/journalism graduate Kate McAlpine.

Space-time, other dimensions, string theory, Higgs particles, worm-holes, time travel -- hey it's just the beginning of bringing science and Christianity together once again.

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