Monday, September 1, 2008

Open Your Bibles...Please

I am proposing a change to the Mass, specifically the Liturgy of the Word. This is related to my series on the Best Practices of Faith Formation. If Catholic leaders are serious about teaching people to read their Bible, then a little obvious role modeling is in order. In fact, I think this change can be implemented without Vatican approval. But I'm serious about mounting a PR campaign to Pope Benedict to this end. If you agree, let me know, and I'll get a petition or whatever such things require. Here's what I suggest... it's what most Evangelical Churches do, and it does get people to read their Bibles... or in Catholic cases BUY them in the first place.

I suggest that whenever the lector or priest gets up to read Scripture they begin this way:
Lector: A reading from the Acts of the Apostles. Open your Bibles, please -- to the book of Acts, chapter 25. (pause) We will be reading from verses 13 through 21. That's Acts 25 verses 13-21. (pause while people turn to that in their Bibles...then read.)

Now, I know, what most of you are going to say, "Duh, that's dumb, Stan. Catholics don't carry Bibles to Mass." And when I ask why not? You'll tell me, "Because there's no room for the fork-lift trucks to carry their Family Bibles to the pews." Or, you'll say, "They don't have companion Bibles they can carry." Well, folks, those are sorry excuses, and NO WONDER CATHOLICS DON'T READ THEIR BIBLES and many Protestants do. So, what are priests and lectors, and bishops going to do about it? They can start with these simple words during the Mass whenever Scripture is read (even in the middle of a homily.) "Open Your Bibles, Please....and if you don't have one, Stan will be in the lobby afterwards to sell you one."

...or go to his website and buy one: Here's the link: Nineveh's Crossing Bible Page. There's even a YouTube video linked at that website that we shot to promote these great Bible editions.

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  1. At the church that my daughter and family attend, there are bibles in the pews right next to the missalette. Their pastor frequently uses the bible while reading the Gospel and also he makes up a list of related verses and hands these out at Mass. Great teacher he is.