Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Roland S. Martin's Shameful Action

I will be the first white person to cast a vote for an African American politician who supports their race and doesn't try to kill it off.

Roland S. Martin, the black, Christian CNN communist is voting for Obama. Or so says the introductory note to his on-line CNN column. See it HERE.

In the article referenced he calls it shameful that Christian bookstores in the South are moving off the shelf the recent edition of GospelToday magazine because it features an article about women pastors.

Roland, how can you call that shameful when you support a political policy that kills black babies in the tens of thousands, by "virtue" of your vote for Obama? You are the one engaging in a shameful action.

It is amazing to me, as I've stated many times before, that American blacks would vote for any candidate for any elected office that supports a policy that supports the genocide of their race, especially when race has been and continues to be such a big factor in society. Abortion and contraception are slowly eliminating blacks in America. Abortion kills more black life than anything else, and more than any other ethnic segment. Yet blacks want to vote for Obama, who is one of the most prolific supporters of abortion on the political landscape, and thanks Planned Parenthood "for all you do for our communities" (like helping us kill our babies).


From this last website comes this:

Although black women constitute only 6% of the population, they comprise 36% of the abortion industry’s clientele. The leading abortion providers have chosen to exploit blacks by locating 94% of their abortuaries in urban neighborhoods with high black populations.
This high rate of abortion has decimated the black family and destroyed black neighborhoods to the detriment of society at large.

Between 1882 and 1968, 3,446 Blacks were lynched in the U.S. That number is surpassed in less than 3 days by abortion.

1,452 African-American children are killed each day by the heinous act of abortion.

What that can only mean is that blacks for Obama are voting primary for reasons of race. Now that makes perfect sense to me, and I think they should, except that his policies support the killing of Americans, and significantly black Americans. How can I fight for the rights of African Americans, when they support policies that decimate their race?

Roland Martin's support of Obama is also stupefying because Roland claims to be a Christian. Am I some kind of nut that believes that supporting a policy that allows parents to murder children is not something a Christian can support and still be called a Christian? As a conscious, informed position, supporting abortion and calling yourself a Christian is indefensible. Roland Martin, if this is what he supports, because he is supporting Obama, is not a Christian. He is a liar and a hypocrite. And so is Obama, who also, laughably calls himself a Christian.

Race should not be an issue. But blacks who vote in favor of killing off their race by voting for politicians who support abortion, are voting purely on race, and little else. As one black woman (who also claims to be a Christian) wrote to me, "I trust Obama implicitly." In other words, I'm voting purely here on race... or else, I just love to see my race lose votes, lose influence and lose it's life.

Please send Roland an email and challenge him at this address:

I wrote Roland the following.


I was surprised to read you're voting for Obama.

Now, as a black man, that makes sense, if everything else was morally equal. I look forward to the day when we have a black president.

But there are two issues about abortion that I can't understand why a black Christian would vote for Obama.

a. Abortion was conceived, along with Planned Parenthood and the contraception pill, to slowly eliminate "weeds" as Margaret Sanger called African Americans, from society. Abortion and contraception continue to keep the black population at bay. By a huge margin more black babies are killed through abortion than any other segment of American society. So, a vote for Obama marginalizes and minimizes the black population. It's called by some blacks the Black Genocide.

b. As a Christian, life is more important than any other political issue, because all the other policy-issues require a LIFE to benefit. Without life nothing else matters. So, how can you, as supposedly a Christian, vote for a candidate who supports murder?

These are two issues that totally befuddle me. Except they can only be explained that you're voting for Obama for one primary reason. He is black.

Is that true? Is the color of your skin what determines your values? Or is it Christian teaching?

Stan Williams

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