Friday, March 27, 2009

Archbishop Burke Chastises Randall Terry

My friend in the battle for truth, Diane M. Korzeniewski, posts on Te Deum laudamus! this morning (a great blog) her dismay over Randall Terry's (picture at right) manipulation of Archbishop Burke interview to criticize American bishops who do not abide by Canon 915.

My post about the original interview, also with YouTube embeded clips is HERE.

Her dismay comes even as Archbishop Burke issued a statement, also available on Diane's blog, about his dismay at being "used" by Randall Terry.

I say: The Holy Spirit used Randall Terry to get the bishops out of their comfort zone and into the fight, where they should have been all along. That it takes a country western rocker (Randall is very talented in that arena) and layman who has risked all to lead the fight should shame the bishops far more than what Ab. Burke is upset about. Good Grief! They should read Terry's HUMBLE PLEA (available at Nineveh's Crossing's home page for free). Until Ab. Burke has spent as many nights in jail as Mr. Terry in the ProLife battle, Ab. Burke should laugh it off and publicly admit he needs more experiences like this to learn a few things. His position does not make him infallible or above reproach.

Here's my comment on Diane's blog.
Consider this: What will it take for the bishops to grow some backbone? Do we hide the truth, and their cowardice to practice the teachings of Mother Church (e.g. Canon 915), or do we hide behind political correctness, politeness, and the false need to convey "nice" feelings when "guilt" is the virtue needed. I say CONGRATULATIONS to Mr. Terry. He's clever and wise, and yes he's manipulative in the cause of life and truth. I say BRAVO! Ab. Burke would do well to read Mr. Terry's HUMBLE PLEA in which Mr Terry suggests that they might be more ProLife if bishop's lives were being murdered instead of little, helpless babies. And finally, Mr. Terry's tactics are WELL known by ANYBODY involved in the ProLife movement. That Ab. Burke (an American who has been around all the time of Mr. Terry’s trials and tribulations and battles in the ProLife movement) would chastise Mr. Terry over this is clear evidence that Ab. Burke is naive of the struggle and those involved. Finally, let's not blame Mr. Terry for the typical incompleteness of the mainstream press. But then, just perhaps, the Holy Spirit knows what needs to be done. Shame on the bishops who don't follow Canon 915, and shame on Ab. Burke for putting their feelings and his political statue ahead of holiness.

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