Sunday, March 29, 2009

Other Vocies on the Terry-Burke Controversary

At there's an editorial by Phil Lawler that criticizes Randall Terry, making judgments about Terry's motivations that are, well, inaccurate to put it nicely. You can read Phil's opinion HERE. There are no com boxes on their site, but below is what I wrote to Phil. Diane K. links to this on my com box on an earlier post.


Your spin on the Randall Terry - Ap. Burke event has its roots in a Catholic Cultural "ideal" that (having come to Catholicism out of Evangelicalism) I see differently. Indeed Randall Terry is a different personality than Ap. Burke and most of our Catholic bishops. Please see my two blog posts (below) in response to this situation and Diane Korzeniewski's posts, who (I still love her) takes your position. I know Randall Terry personally, and while I've not been involved in his many activities over the years (although I've been invited) I will attest that he is not after any self-aggrandizement as you so indelicately put it. A more accurate representation regarding Randall's character is that of total selfishness for for cause of life and truth. He is not the kind of person to seek fame, although he does seek attention for the cause. He would rather be ridiculed and poverty stricken for the issues of life and truth--and he has been both. For Randall, his reputation can be torn apart if in the end the lives of babies are saved. And his life has been thus torn several times. Yet, like Jeremiah, he perseveres. As I point out in my posts, there is a fallacious carefulness on the part of American Catholic Culture that has marginalized the Catholic Church and made it ineffective. I explain how in these posts. Here are my responses, the second is perhaps more directly put, but both have examples of how God's men (Biblical and Saints) of old have acted more like Randall than like Ap. Burke.

Stanley D. Williams, Ph.D. (Stan)

(I advertise on your site, by the way, and get good response to my ads. Keep up the good work.)

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