Sunday, April 12, 2009

My Aggrivation with Uninformed Anti-Catholics

Recently, TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) aired one of our specials: "Common Ground". Although the airing was in the middle of the night (3:30 AM ET) we received approximately 100 direct orders, and our wholesalers also supplied perhaps another 100 units to customers. Almost universally we receive many compliments, astonishment and even a few tears from people who are thankful for this Kensington Church Production.

But occasionally we receive a dismissive letter (long and stuffed into a number 10 envelop) of how "completely wrong" Catholicism is. The infallible tenor of these letters is always amusing, as if the writer was part of the universe's creation. Universally, the letters (and ancillary material stuffed in with it) are textbook examples of three fallacies evident in 99% of all anti-Catholic literature. It's amazing that such writers, and even authors of such books can ignore such basic knowledge about reason, logic, and true Catholic teaching.

I try to ignore the letters, insofar as I often feel compelled to take these people seriously (and they are serious) and provide thorough responses. But experience has taught me that the writers are usually not interested in truth, but only venting their prejudice, and occupying my time from more worthwhile endeavors.

Over the Easter weekend, however, I took some time to respond to one lady, Phyllis (her real name), with the intention of posting it on my Catholic Articles page back on Here's the link
Letter to Phyllis.

My aggravation with the fallacies used by anti-Catholics is modestly evident in this response to a Nineveh's Crossing "customer" who requested a catalog. The letter begins with an explanation of the three major fallacies anti-Catholics use in their frail attempt o debunk Catholicism. It then goes on to explain the Bible to someone who told me to study my Bible more closely. This is also a person who claimed to have been raised in the Catholic Church, so some chastisement is necessary.

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