Friday, June 12, 2009


for Catholic Pro-Life Television Movie

http://www.ninevehscrossing.comDear Friends,

WE NEED YOUR HELP NOW to complete the funding of this project and give it the "Green Light." It is a UNIQUE Pro-Life television drama planned for production very soon. We have accounted for 60% of the $250K budget, which leaves us with only $100K. Can you or someone you know meet that (tax deductible) difference by the end of June? If so, please call now, or visit our Contribution Page, so we can properly plan production.

Call either Rory Hoipkemier, Life Justice-Catholic Charities, Diocese of Lansing at 517-342-1469. or myself, Stan Williams, SWC Films at 248-344-4423 Ext. 5. Or visit the Contribution Page at

Inspired by a suggestion from Professor & Pro-Life Advocate Janet Smith, the Diocese of Lansing (under Bishop Earl Boyea's guidance) submitted and received from Our Sunday Visitor a grant to do a video on the physical and moral dangers of IN VITRO fertilization. Quickly we realized that to change society's mind-set a simple documentary was only going to be watched by the "choir." So, we took the high road and have been developing a 30 min drama with original music and top notch actors.


"The script is quite moving and sensitive... cannot wait to see it on film."
(Dr. Thomas Hilgers, The Pope Paul VI Institute)

"A powerful drama portraying the Godly truth of the sacredness of human life from its very beginnings." (Dr. Ray Guarendi)

"Tiger's Hope is profoundly moving and captivating drama of life and love."
(Fr. Mike Lubinsky, Augusta, GA.)

Others have called the script: "A BEAUTIFUL STORY" -- "EMOTIONALLY ENGAGING" and "I COULDN'T PUT IT DOWN."

You can read all about the project at TIGERSHOPE.COM, and even download and read the script. (UN = tiger, PW = naturallaw)

Targeted at Catholics and other Christians the project will reveal the full truth of natural law and the Church's teaching about IVF. The DVD will be captioned, subtitled in different languages, and distributed to high schools, seminaries, and pro-life organizations around the world.

Your help is needed this month to fund this project and also let others know about it by forwarding this email.

As Catholics, we are called to learn our faith and to be ready to share it with everyone. This film presents an important message that needs to be shared.

Stanley D. Williams, Ph.D.
Co-Executive Producer, Writer, & Director
SWC Films

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