Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Due to be released Nov. 19, 2009, and sold exclusively by Nineveh's Crossing, David Lewis Crawford's first publicity for his freshman CD "Double Dog Dare" appeared headlining his local newspaper's website.


Nov 11, 2009 - Dalton, GA

Parenthood inspires songwriter

By Rachel Brown
Dalton Daily Citizen

It was a normally chaotic evening in David Crawford’s Rocky Face home about four years ago when his daughters, then 3 and 7, inspired him.

“They were in the bathtub, and it was one of those stressful times of getting ready for bed — splashing too much water out, one of them got soap in their eye, one of them wanted the little ducky, and the other one didn’t want them to have the ducky,” he said. “So it was a typical stressful bedtime/bath time scenario, and as I was keeping an eye on them from the living room this song sort of popped into my head.”

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