Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Horrific Deaths Bring Meaning to Work


(L to svquest crew smallR) Scott and Jean Adam are dead along with their crew Phyllis Macay and Bob Riggle, murdered by their Somalian pirates. The U.S. Navy captured 15 of the pirates and 4 four others. 

The meaning of that headline on FoxNews this morning was significant for me and the Church. I had connected to him (at a distance) because they were involved in four of my passions: Sailing, International Evangelization, Pacifica, and Scott's connection to media.  

svquestThe Adams where Catholic lay missionaries, who, in retirement decided to sail around the world and to give their trip extra meaning they filled their 57-foot pilot house sloop (SV QUEST) with hundreds of Bibles as extra ballast and delivered them to hard to reach places.   Their extensive SVQUEST adventure website is here. 

I have long dreamed of traveling to Pacifica and following the sea-track of my missionary ancestor from the London Missionary Society, John Williams.John Williams on deck  And the sail boat we purchased ten years ago was selected because it could take us there. My ancestor, John Williams, was one of the first western missionaries to the South Pacific. It was John Williams who introduced much of Pacifica to Christianity and the Bible. He was martyred on the beach of Erromanga, Dillion's Bay, New Hebrides, Nov 20, 1839.  (New Hebrides was the colonial name for an island group in the South Pacific that now forms the nation of Vanuatu.) Scott and Jean were martyred for what they did, just like John Williams, and indeed there were political ramifications in both killings.  

The Lost Angles Times reports they were active parishioners at St. Monica Catholic Church. Their love for the Bible and film (Scott was involved in television production) was probably behind one of Scott's decisions to enroll at Fuller Theological Seminary where two of my academic-film acquaintances were his professors - Dr. Robert Johnson and Dr. Craig Detweiler who were quoted in an CNN article this morning 

When they were first kidnapped (adult-napped would be a better term) I thought wouldn't it be glorious if their boat got to the Somalia coast, and their Bibles were unloaded and distributed. And what if because of that they were killed, but the nation of Somalia was brought to Christianity... just like what happened to John Williams. Now there's a story. Time will tell. Certainly when St. Paul was shipwrecked on Malta the island, to this day, is significantly Christian, and Catholic I understand.


SAT-7We have long been engaged in shipping Nineveh's Crossing product throughout the world. We have distributors of some of our  product in Ireland, Australia, Singapore, and Malaysia. We have shipped individual product to pastors and lay people in those countries plus throughout the U.K. and Europe, and to South Africa, a few Arabian countries, and of course Mexico and Canada.  

CG Bundle

We have also been thrilled to see our programs aired internationally on networks like TBN and EWTN. But today, we agreed to yet another milestone. We are shipping the digital masters to our best selling product COMMON GROUND: What Protestants and Catholics Can Learn From Each Other to SAT-7, the Cyprus based television network where they will translate the program and broadcast it into the Mid-East countries in Arabic, Farsi, And Turkish.  So, please pray for them as they do that, that they get a good Catholic theologian to oversee the work.  

sat dishes balconiesThe great thing about satellite is that it's harder for government s to cut them off.   Millions of satellite dishes cover apartment buildings. 

Thank you for your prayers and support in buying our product. We do not get donations, so product sales is how we support the work.  


Stan Williams
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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

God, Science, Creation and Liberals

On a Fox News Article about bias against Christians at UC DAVIS, we find this argument in the com box. It is the classic "Watchmaker" argument, but wonderfully updated. It'd be a wonderful text to memorize.

Joseph 'the-alien' King  12 minutes ago
Regarding God and Science:

"Science" is the interpretation of God; this is why it always falls short of the proverbial mark. Within the jurisdiction of science, we have to update analytical theories all the time; conversely, with God, there is no updating, modification, or tweaking -- for obvious reasons. Science KNOWS that God is there; it's just too RETARDED and POMPOUS to admit it. Mathematically, everyone knows that God exists because it is programmed into us, literally! We are all unanimous in accepting the notion that a Microsoft Windows Operating System cannot magically materialize out of NOTHING; the probability is far beyond the parameters of logical acceptance. Well, science knows that the human body contains trillions of cells; moreover, the profoundness of this resides within the fact that just ONE of those trillions of cells contains more information than in an entire Microsoft Windows Operating System. If science fervently asserts that a Microsoft Windows Operating System cannot randomly - and magically - manifest out of nowhere, why is the hand of God so farcical? Furthermore, because science propagates the notion that we are all here because of chance, it must be true, as well, that a Playstation 3 can endure the same earthly, magical, chance-based manifestation. This is, of course, NOT TRUE because we all know that something as 'complex' as a Playstation 3 and Windows OS has one cardinal attribute in common: a CREATOR. To put this into further perspective, it is impossible for a single can of PEPSI -- as it is, with the text, logos, and all -- to magically materialize out of NOWHERE, and science knows this, just as well as all of us here. Well, with this information, it would be the dumbest characterization in history to assert that life is the most complex thing and then declare that it occurs by chance, at the same time -- while, also affirming that the Mona Lisa painting could never perform a random manifestation by chance. Well, ultimately, it's because science KNOWS that God exists, but most *scientists* and self-designated "intellectuals" are far too shortsighted, myopic, and blatantly arrogant to feel as if there is a superior, superlative intelligence at the helm of all things. They have a fervid, unfettering disdain for God because of pride and anger. They're proud because they want to maneuver within the likeness of God; they're angry because *all attempts* to encompass and replicate God's ubiquity, capacity, and omnipotence are met with perpetual, epic FAILURE.