Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Christian Priorities - Scandal

This is not unique to Catholicism, bu it still bugs me. The Sunday before the Superbowl these two easels with their signs showed up in the lobby of our parish.
This comparison of the attention given to spiritual matters, vs. leisure matters within the Church, by Church leaders, is repulsive. It is a great example of why pagans don't take Christianity seriously. The biggest reason for not becoming Catholic, is not what the faith teaches, but simply the priorities demonstrated by other Catholics. This is also true of Christians in so many other denominations.  While there are many examples of pure evil and hatred toward the things of God and Christ, a good deal of the spite is self-induced. These signs remained in the lobby of our parish for two weeks. They stood only feet apart. Yet the difference in their presentation was miles apart and created a scandal.

Being in the media business I know that presentation matters. The presentation (per se) becomes a unavoidable metaphor. The presentation is the non-verbal that communicates the intended value and attitude of the presenter.  These posters clearly indicate to all that see them that football and parties are much more important to this congregation than studying about the faith through the Life in the Spirit Seminars.