Monday, August 15, 2011

The Blues According to the Gospel - AL JACQUEZ

Al Jacquez Meet one of the acclaimed voices and song writers of Americana Blues and Soul. I guarantee you've never heard anything like this on any Gospel radio station, but you should have. Al has been singing these gospel tunes in some of the smokiest blues and soul clubs from NY to LA. Finally, after years with several bands and labels, and encouragement from guys like me, he's stacked his best on a CD that's only available here and at his live concerts. This album is not even on iTunes. THE BLUES ACCORDING TO THE GOSPEL.

Please lick on the link and go this Al's webpage at Nineveh's Crossing and listen to the mp3 samples and read his bio. Then come back here and let us know what you think in the com box.

And please tell your friends. We have to  help this guy sell CDs and make a living, and write some more of this great music. You can sing to it, dance, and cry to them. Remember that name, Al Jacquez. But his CD today. Spread the Word.
  1. New Testament Shuffle

  2. Comin' Home

  3. Rubin Stacy

  4. Train is Comin' Closer

  5. How Did I Get Here?

  6. Desperate Measures

  7. Spreadin' the News

  8. Six Days o' Sinnin'

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