Sunday, January 22, 2012

Photo Caption Contest at Nineveh's Crossing

We're having a photo captioning contest at Nineveh's Crossing.

See current entries HERE.

Nineveh's Crossing is offering $100, $50, and $25 worth of free Nineveh's Crossing product for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places in a photo-captioning contest. You don't have to buy anything to win. Here are the rules.

1. By email, submit a jpeg photograph of anything you want with a caption that depicts some creative, entertaining and /or metaphoric aspect of Catholic-Christianity. (We are not looking for literal declarations of faith, e.g. a cross with the caption "Jesus Saves".) And it would be nice if the photo had a story. For example:

MY PHOTO STORY and CAPTION: After returning from delivering packages to the post office, something my cat (Skitty) sees me do every day-- leaving her alone in my home-office, she crawled into the plastic mail carrier and took up residence as if to say, "take me with you next time." Here's the picture and a caption that represents the ironic nature of culture's criticism of the Church, but the Church's ubiquitous presence and universality.

They put me in this box, but if they take me to the
Post Office I might be found anywhere in the world.

2. Send the image to "" along with the picture's story and caption... and of course your name and contact information.

3. You must use a photo that you own (e.g. took) or have copyright permission to use. Say that in your email to protect us if we publish it.

4. We may post all the images we get and their captions, but we're not obligated to.

5. Deadline for entries is June 1. Award coupons of $100, $50, and $25 for Nineveh's Crossing product will be issued by June 15, 2012. The coupons will have no cash value.

6. By submitting the photo and caption you give us permission to use your entry in our emailings and website, but you retain the ownership of the photo.

7. We are under no obligation to award prizes or post anything if we don't like anything that was submitted.

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