Monday, February 27, 2012

FREE LITANY DOWNLOADS - Relieve Anxiety - Find Peace


Stan & Pam Williams'
Favorite Litanies

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prayerhands.jpg Some years back, one of our adult daughters was going through a particularly difficult time. To help her go to sleep one of us would sit by her bed and read litany prayers to her. Doing so helped her relax, trust God, and sleep well. We put them to tape and later to CD, and she used them whenever she needed to rid herself of anxiety. Today, we use them ourselves as we walk, drive, or try to go to sleep. When I have a busy day writing that takes me into the night it will always be difficult for me to get to sleep. So, I plug in my iPhone earplugs, start the Litanies, turn down the volume, and pray with them until I'm asleep. Works every time to calm me and focus on what's really important -- the things of God.

We used to sell these as a CD or MP3 downloads, but it was too much trouble bookkeeping the sales. So, we're not offering them permanently for free. If you like these, or have suggestions for others, please email us and share your thoughts.  

There is no music, just Pam and my voice, praying the verse and response. We hope you will use these, share them with your friends, and send them to our site to get other useful resources to strengthen your faith.

The five MP3 litanies you'll find at the bottom right of our home page are: 
-- Most Holy Name of Jesus  (5:06) 
-- Most Holy Trinity (5:09) 
-- Most Precious Blood of Jesus (2:58)
-- Most Sacred Heart of Jesus (3:38)
-- Resignation to the Will of God (4:14)  

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