Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Success Down Under with American Media

One of Nineveh's Crossing consistent customers is Fr. Adrian Head from South Australia. Fr. Adrian pastors three parishes: St. Vincent de Paul in Cleve (pictured at right), Our Lady Star of the Sea in Cowell, and Sacred Heart in Kimba.

Fr. Adrian stays active as an evangelist, too. He's always ordering copies of several of our Catholic apologetic DVDs movies and related media to give away. No one gives the DVDs back to him, so he has to buy another. Recently he asked me to special order a Kindle Fire for him before they were on sale in Australia. It arrived safely.

Recently he wrote:
One day I will send you a list of the movie DVDs that I tend to buy. These are doing so much good here in this parish. I was talking to a loyal parishioner who with his wife visited their daughter in England and went around Europe and he said that the amount of religious practice there is often very low.....whereas our small parish of Cleve - including three other small towns - compares very favorably. I am lucky to be in such a lovely parish and I can see young ones and young marrieds growing spiritually with some help from me and from the valuable books and DVDs on the faith and spirituality. Something which has come into prominence in the world now is the Amazon.com Kindle and Audible and it is putting bookstores in Australia out of business, except those that offer assistance in downloading books onto the Kindle. Another thing that amazes me is the interest in Natural Family Planning among my parishioners, even the younger ones, and I am able to help this along with good materials, particularly from the WOOMB organisation that Drs John and Evelyn Billings began with such great success.

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