Monday, June 25, 2012

Alex Jones Bible Study Television Recording UPDATE

Pre-production planning for the network television recording of Deacon Alex Jones' Bible Study on the Epistle of James is going very well. Equipment, crew and location are all secured with a few loose ends to tie up next week. With God's blessings we'll be ready.
We will be creating a "set" in (the rear-left of of the image below) of Detroit's St. Suzanne's Catholic Church in Detroit. Setup is on Monday, July 9, and recording the entire 13-part series on the following three evenings (Tues. through Thurs) July 10-12, 2012. We have a lot to accomplish in those four days. (See number 2 below for audience need.) So...    
St. Suzanne's located corner of Westwood and Chicago Streets, Detroit, Michigan

 1. PLEASE PRAY for the production's success. I've been reading "The Soul of the Apostolate" and am thoroughly reminded of the importance of prayer and the right ordering of our internal being in the undertaking of any work on behalf of Christ and His Church. In your daily prayers and in your adoration before the Blessed Sacrament, PLEASE ask for God's blessings on these aspects of this work. We are at a total loss without our YOUR prayers and GOD'S blessing for:

    •    Deacon Alex's health of body, mind, and spirit. May he be at his best.
    •    Our crew's preparation, that we forget nothing and do all well.
    •    The equipment's proper working to record the best sound and image.
    •    The audience's full engagement, and that we have a full audience.
    •    Funding to complete post-production, mastering and distribution.
    •    An affective and effective completed work for Christ and the Church.


But, if you all come at once, we'll run out of chairs... and probably walls. So, RSVP (below.) But, seriously, we do need 40-50 people in Alex's small group study each night of our production. You do not have to commit for every night, although you may find it inspiring and of benefit to do so, like a mini-retreat.
Here is what we ask:
  • RSVP your attendance for which evenings. Write with your plans. We will confirm.
  • Dates: July 10, 11, and 12, 2012 (Tues, Wed, and Thurs)
  • Time: 5:30 PM to 9:30 PM. (We'll end a little later on Thursday.) 
Please be on time.  Eat before you come.
  •  Location: St. Suzanne's Catholic Church, Westwood and Chicago. GPS address is: 9357 Westood St., Detroit, MI.  Park in the lot South (behind) the church and enter the doors that face Westwood (East side of church).
  • Dress: Casual with SOLID color shirts or blouses. Either pastels or deep colors are fine. Avoid blacks and whites. No vertical stripes. Slacks or dresses are fine. No shorts or hats, please. We may touch up your hair. If you have a facial powder you like, bring the compact. We'll touch you up if needed as the evening proceeds.
  • Bring: A BIBLE! Bring a study Bible and a note pad. Take notes. No recording devices, please.
  • No Children. Teens are okay if they can sit still for 2 hours with a break.  
  • What to Expect: Fabulous lessons on the book of St. James from the internationally acclaimed Bible teacher, Deacon Alex Jones.
  • What You'll Get: Knowledge, inspiration, and every participant will get a free copy of the DVD series when it is done in the fall.
  • Release: You'll be asked to sign a release so we can use your image on TV.
  • Security will be present in the parking lot.
  • Refreshments provided. Eat something before you come.
There is much to accomplish, and production like this is never easy. But, it's interesting, and you will enjoy your time.

In our effort to control our costs and maximize our communication effectiveness, we may discontinue our email service that we subscribe to through Constant Contact. Our tracking of the emails we send reveals a very low number of opens and click-throughs, indicating that we can do better with the little money we have. So, for you to follow this project and others, please subscribe to our production Blog at SWC Films and our comment Blog at Crossing Nineveh. These blogs are free for us to use, and subscribing to them through your email  will get you all the news we have fit to print. You'll find the "FOLLOW BY EMAIL" block (pictured) at the top-right of both blog pages. When we post news or information about our work, it will come to your email inbox.

Forty individuals and companies generously made production possible through their financial gifts, and another group are volunteering their time and donating services and materials. But we had counted on Nineveh's Crossing sales to be fairly robust through this time, out of which we were planning on paying 60% of the overall cost, especially post-production, mastering and duplication. Sales, however, have been slow. And we need to continue our fund raising. If you have not already  contributed, would you consider purchasing some Nineveh's Crossing products (perhaps for future gifts), or read about the perks and ways you can be an Associate Producer or Executive Producer at our Crowd Funding Page. You'll find a short video there that explains more about the origins and plans for the project.

Thank you for your consideration. You will participate directly in an important worldwide ministry. There are rewards both in this life and the next. 

Stan & Pam Williams
SWC Films and Nineveh's Crossing, LLC
PO Box 29
Novi, MI  48376

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