Thursday, March 21, 2013

Attend The Cross and The Light

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March 24-31, 2013.
11 Performances. Musical Hall, Detroit, MI
Kelly Neito

My friend and tour de force producer-writer, former Miss Michigan, comedian, writer, and composer --  Kelly Neito has been producing a version of this spectacular for the past 12 years. It starter in her parish as the Living Stations of the Cross. Each year she added something to it. Three years ago it was a full fledged musical presentation staged at the Detroit Cathedral with union talent that attracted tens of thousands.

But now they've out grown that, as well. This year for the first time they've moved  to a professional venue,  on a legitimate stage, and added a full Act. This is the most dramatic passion play (with the Resurrection and beyond that the Midwest has seen). If the last year was any predictor, this production will be on Broadway soon. It's that good.

There are only 11 performances at the Detroit Music Hall during Holy Week. Well worth the money and effort. A great musical, written and produced by a Catholic with stage chops to spare, in Detroit's best venue by any measure.       

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