Wednesday, November 13, 2013

"OMG, He's Hot!" A.H.A. Elevation of Immorality as Virtueous

obamacare ads
As if some of the coverage and rules of the Affordable Healthcare Act weren't obviously immoral enough, here's proof. This ad is clearly the output of a degenerate mindset, without moral formation ... EVEN IF it's intended to joke about promiscuity as foolish. Why? Because few people will take it as foolish but rather as wise.

The ad (and others like it) elevate stupidity, immoral behavior, and promiscuity as a virtuous. The liberal agenda figures most Americans are like the idiots represented in these ads.  Sadly, I think they're right, which explains their rise to political power.  The liberal progressive agenda says, "people are too stupid to take care of themselves, so the government has to take care of them."

But these ads (like some aspects of the AHA) are like talking about a kid's bad behavior as if it is entertainment— such behavior encourages bad behavior. You promote idiocy by showcasing it and laughing at it. The result? Societal virtues plummet. In this way, AHA helps to deprive a nation of its integrity and moral rightness and invites the rest of us to join the reverie in the gutter.

While a few of the ads are appropriate at, most reveal a sick mind behind this law and it's promotion. Welcome to Degenerate Nation brought to you by so called "Progressives." As the ads say, "Thanks, Obamacare!"

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