Saturday, April 11, 2015

Catholics Love Gays

Catholics Love Gays

April 11, 2015

Let's get something straight. God loves homosexuals, just as he loves all other sinners, of which we are all to be numbered.

God wants the best for all of us, even those of us who commit murder, envy, adultery, and fornication in our hearts. He loves those who steal and even take his name in vain. He loves pedophiles and tyrants. God loves you, me, and all of us. God is love.

But when God looks down and sees one of his loved ones endangering his or her life through behavior that spits-in-the-eye of nature, and brings circumstances into their lives that will eventually bring emotional and physical conflict and sadness, ...he, God, tries his best to discourage the behavior. And being God's witnesses on Earth, Catholics, and other Christians follow his lead.

It's not hate that motivates Catholics and other Christians to discourage the gay lifestyle, it's love. We want them to be happy, and there is plenty of scientific and special revelation that indicates what homosexuality and promiscuity leads to danger and perhaps premature death.

If Catholics truly hated homosexuals, we would let them marry, have free reign over their lust and unsafe behavior, and let them suffer the consequences that nature brings upon them high risk. But we want to see them happy, so we encourage behavior that falls within what science observes will bring less sadness and more joy.

In the end, true religions establish rules based on their scientific and sociological observations of what brings death and what brings life. Some religions do it better than others. The religion that ultimately leads people to a safe, joyous, and fulfilled, happy life, is the one that best understands nature....and God.

That's why I'm Catholic.

May the Lord Be With You. And, may You love his laws, like King David did.

Editorial from Nineveh's Crossing.

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