Saturday, July 4, 2015

Sweet Cakes Tolerance vs. Tyranny. Who's the Bully? Brad Avakian?

Regarding: Sweet Cakes by Melissa in Oregon will have to pay $60,000 in damages to Laurel Bowman-Cryer, and $75,000 in damages to Rachel Bowman-Cryer so rules Oregon Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian.

Let's define tolerance and intolerance, discrimination and prejudice, shall we?

"Discrimination" is not necessarily a bad thing. The laws of the land discriminate between what politicians determine is right and wrong. Religions discriminate between what theologians determine is right and wrong. Personally, we discriminate between whom we make friends with and who we don't. It's good to discriminate against criminals and bad influences.

The same can be said of the term "prejudice." The law is prejudice in favor of those that obey the law and is prejudice against those that disobey the law. God is prejudice against sinners, and prejudice in favor of the his rules of discrimination, by the way.

For a bakery to discriminate against a homosexual couple and refuse to bake a cake for their commitment ceremony, and letting the couple buy a cake somewhere else is tolerant.

Throwing homosexuals off roof-tops to kill them is

Allowing individuals and businesses to discriminate between whom they will serve or not based on religious principles, is tolerant.

Punishing individuals and businesses who discriminate between whom they will serve or not, based on religious principles, is intolerant.

When a homosexual couple discriminates against a Christian couple and causes physical damages and a loss of business for discriminating against them, it is the homosexual couple that was intolerant because they caused physical punishment for a religious belief. The homosexual couple (and the state which backed up their claim of having "hurt feelings") ...  are bullies. They support a tyranny against religious freedom, the bedrock upon which the United States was founded.  The baker did no harm, nor did the baker cause any financial consequences upon the homosexual couple for refusing to do business with them. The baker did not prevent the couple from their ceremony, nor did the baker impinge on their freedoms in any way. The lesbian couple and the state however acted tyrannically by causing harm to the bakery...real physical harm.

The baker did not force the lesbian couple to do anything. The lesbian couple however forced the baker out of business. The lesbians, with the assistance of the state, were the bullies.

Was a hate crime committed? Does living by one's peaceful (not causing harm) religious beliefs constitute a hate crime? According to Oregon law it does. Welcome to Tyranny 101. The lesbians are more guilty of a hate crime for seeking revenge for a religious belief that the baker, as is Brad Avakian.

The lesbians and the state in this case are pure examples of tyrannical bullies who are intolerant. If someone needs to be punished with a fine or jail time let's start with the bullies...the lesbians and the Brad Avakian who have so disrespected the Constitution and the good, true, and beautiful principles of Christian people.

Christians, by the way, love homosexuals and do not want to see them experience unhappiness, which sin will always, eventually bring.

Write Brad Avakian and inform him he's the intolerant, tyrannical bully in this case. His FB page is here or send him a message here:

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