Friday, August 28, 2015

I Can't Believe in a God that Sends People to Hell

Here's another reason "atheism" is an irrational choice of the will.

Twice today I have encountered so called "atheists" who make the claim found in this blog's title. By itself it's proof that atheists hold to a belief system that requires more (blind) faith that what they decry.

Claiming a disbelief in a God that sends people to hell, assumes several things:

a. That God sends people to hell.

b. That God has the power to send people to hell.

c. That there's such a place as hell, to begin with.

d. That the person's going to hell have no say in the matter and are forced by said God to go to hell.

I don't know about you, but reason (that concept associated with logic) tells me:

1. If you can't believe in a God that sends people to hell, you must believe in a  God that sends people to heaven.

And of course, that begs the question. Is the claimed disbelief because he's sending everyone to hell, or just a few? And if just a few, why is that?

2. If an entity exists that has the power to send people to hell, then what name should we assign to that entity who has so much power over human beings? "He Overtly Condemns?" Can we shorten that to HOC? Can we then believe in HOC?

3. If there's a place called "hell," which is commonly referred to as a place of punishment, doesn't that assume there's a place called "not-hell" that might be a place of reward?

4. Is it possible that the entity that is claimed to be sending people to hell (that some refuse to believe in) loves them so much he allows them to go against his will and desire, and reject him, hate him, not believe in him...and consequently choose hell instead of that other place? Perhaps He (whoever HE is) isn't sending anyone to hell. Maybe we get to CHOOSE. Now, that's  unconditional love. If you want to walk off a cliff and fall to your death, I love you so much that I won't stop you...unless you ask me to stop you. But to do that you have to, ah believe that I can. Right?

Thursday, August 13, 2015