Saturday, June 6, 2015

Do Catholics Read the Bible?

Excerpt from the book version of

What Catholics Really Believe 
by Dr. Ray Guarendi & Fr. Kevin Fete 

Chapter 2. The Bible 

DRG (Dr. Ray Guarendi): Thank you. Why can't Catholics read the Bible for themselves?

FKF (Fr. Kevin Fete ): First of all, the perception is that Catholics don't read the Bible, and that is not true. That's a falsehood. Catholics, first of all, come to Church, and they hear the passages of the Scripture - Old Testament, New Testament, and the Gospel - at every Mass. They are preached the Gospel message in the homilies that are prepared for them by the priest and delivered during the Mass. There are Bible study groups in many, many of the parishes and many of the homes and amongst the families of the Catholic believing community.

What we have concern with isn't that people read or do not read the Scriptures, but do become their own authority with regard to how the Bible is interpreted. And there's where we have the concern, wanting people to stay within the context of the Scripture themselves and within the Tradition of the Church. 

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