Saturday, February 18, 2017

EXTRAORDINARY Project Finished. Extraordinary Projects Relaunch

"EXTRAORDINARY" Project Completed

"EXTRAORDINARY: Stories about Fr. Solanus Casey for Children,"  is a completed project Pam and I have been working on for over a year. It involved 22 extraordinary children as cast. We're now waiting on the release window and premiere TENTATIVELY set for July 16, 2017 at the AMC Star 20 Theaters in Southfield, MI.

The project website is here: Look for the tabs at the top of the page for more information about the production and the Solanus Casey Center, our client.

Kelly Nieto, creator of the (also) extraordinary stage musical, The Cross and The Light, that tours the U.S. every Lent, co-wrote the scripts, directed the kids, and acted as art director. Sean Lam of Singapore created the art, and James Stonehouse, the "John Williams of Detroit," wrote the original musical score that now stands on its own as a 14 movement tribute to the simplex priest — The Solanus Casey Suite. You can hear all the music on the above project website.

Here is the project's 4 minute trailer revealing all of our wonderful cast of children.

Extraordinary Projects Relaunch

We're now moving on to relaunch two of our favorite narrative feature motion picture projects, TIGER'S HOPE (aka DREAM IT FOR ANOTHER), and THE WIZARD CLIP DEMON. Both have strong Catholic themes and values.  We're looking for funding.

TIGER'S HOPE is a low-budget, pro-life, Drama with music story that focuses on adoption. Based on actual events, the story is about an entertainer who cannot conceive, goes through IVF, gets pregnant, but then gives birth to a baby that is not hers.  She and her husband then battle the Church, the courts and the medical community to keep the child. You can read the Story Fundamentals, synopsis, watch a trailer, and order a script here:

THE WIZARD CLIP DEMON is a supernatural, haunted house drama—a true story documented by many written accounts from Early America Virginia. It's about a persistent and devious demon that is only dispersed when Holy Mass is said (with great difficulty) in the house. You can read the Story Fundamentals, synopsis, and order a script here:

Both scripts are fresh re-writes based on the notes offered us by professions and friends. THE WIZARD CLIP received particularly good feedback from The Black List, which is posted on the site above. TIGER'S HOPE is just now being reviewed by The Black List.

If you know someone who is an "accredited" investor, who would want to help get these good films launched, I've posted a Business Plan Brief (or Top Sheet) on the SWC Films website. Even if you're not into risking money on movies, you may find the detail here interesting. I've been writing business plans for Hollywood movies off and on, and find the financial and legal structure involved a fascinating topic. The Top Sheet can be found here:

Blessings to you and yours.
Please pray for us...and our country.