"Nineveh's Crossing" Meaning?

The ancient city of Nineveh was headed toward destruction. So God sent his prophet Jonah to straighten them out. Except Jonah was a bit confused and in his attempt to get away from God's call and not engage the culture and its wrong headedness, ended up in the belly of a whale. When the beast finally spit him out onto a beach, he was probably bleached white and very scary looking. Thus, when he finally crossed the city of Nineveh proclaiming God's word, the people turned back to God, and Nineveh was saved. But poor Jonah was sad about it all. He wanted hell fire and brimstone to fall upon Nineveh.  Somewhere in that story are the author's of this blog. They're trying to be obedience and proclaim God's mercy and grace, but sometimes they get swallowed up, bleached, beached and sun-stroked under a withered gourd plant.

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