Sunday, November 25, 2007

MySpace Promotion of the Satanic

We had a situation come up today, where I decided it would be a good idea to sign up for a MySpace page and do a little investigation. My recent concern has been with the demonic influence on some teens I know. That's NOT what I went to MySpace to look for, but it found me nonetheless.

On MySpace I filled out my profile as much as I cared to, and I did not want to misrepresent my age or sex (I'm a 60 year old man). So, I filled in my birthday. When I submitted my information, I noticed that next to a few other descriptions that I entered (such as "Catholic apologist") the system described me as of the Zodiac Sign of Aries. This I knew. But I also noticed that the word "Aries" was hyperlinked.

Before I clicked on the "Aries" link, I noticed the top banner ad that was now flashing at the top of the page. It read, in large type: "Goth Test: Are You Goth Quiz?" Oh, boy! I thought. We had just had a somewhat traumatic Thanksgiving in part triggered because a pre-teen we know wanted to have her nose pierced. (Goth's like piercings, if you didn't know...and be glad you don't.)

I clicked on the banner ad. I hope you're sitting down. I will actually edit it somewhat, but here are portions of the quiz that is accessible to kids that click on this banner ad. (Actually the banner ad is bad enough and is visible to everyone when it cycles up.)
Take this goth quiz if you dare! Find out if you truly embrace the darkness, if you are one with the night creatures, or...if you're a poseur and really belong at the mall with the other brainwashed minions of consumerism. How goth are you?
[Here is question 4]
Do you wear a Catholic cross? (pick one of the following)
--Hell no. I'm a Goth, not a Catholic. I worship Satan
--An ornate one, for the aesthetic
--As an ironic statement, and/or among other jewelry
--No, I don't own one.
--Yes, and it's covered in bling (jewelry)
For me, a Christian, just the suggestion behind the "goth quiz" is repulsive. The Bible is clear that those that play around with such things will bring upon themselves curses, not blessings.

But then I clicked on the "Aries" designation in my profile. Guess where I was taken? Are you sitting down...NOW? I was taken to "" where I was inundated with blogs, links, and articles about "my horoscope" "cosmic guidance" "Numerology" my "Tarot Card for Today", and other forbidden-by-God (may he be praised forever) things like "Sun and Chinese signs," "Moon and rising signs," "Palm reading"...and much more. Then, at the bottom I was told "Share with a friend and earn 10 Free Karma Coins." I suggest you don't die with such currency win your pocket.


If you're not aware, all of this is the antithesis of what is good, true, and beautiful. It is evil, bad, and ugly...and it will lead people literally into the darkness of sadness, depression, and rebellion. We've seen it.

So, will I stay on MySpace? Yes I will! I intend, with some other Catholic friends who are already there, to light a candle in the darkness, and start a communication campaign with the management of MySpace for something that is spiritually more safe. I encourage you to do the same.

I think I'm going to post this on my MySpace blog. It'll be a good beginning. Let's CHANGE culture into something that is good, true, and beautiful, and not submit to its ugly underside.


  1. Fantastic! Keep raising the bar for the norms of society, instead of complaining about the sorry state of society. Christ said, "The gates of hell shall not prevail against the Church of God." It's time for the Church to push back the gates of hell and stand for the truth in the midst of a society who are being lured by the lies of the devil. --Ephesians 6, all the way!! Love, your biggest fan

  2. Glad you are staying on myspace. I just got on myself--to further communication with various family members who are on there. There are a number of Catholics on there, which is a good thing, I think.