Friday, April 29, 2016

What Does That Mean Anyway?

Words taken from the book,
Dr. Ray Guarendi & Fr. Kevin Fete 

The greatest proof of God's desire to work through the physical world to give us grace, was the Incarnation- God taking on the form of man in Jesus Christ.

To pay honor to someone or something, which does not detract from God's glory, but adds to God's glory. Veneration is not "adoration" or "worship" which are activities, within Catholicism, reserved for God alone.

The Great Schism
The formal split between Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy in 1054.

The Lutheran belief, contrary to Catholic teaching of transubstantiation, is that in the Eucharist the Body of Christ and the bread co-exist.

The Catholic belief that in the Eucharist the substance of the bread and wine are completely changed into the substance of Christ's Body, Soul, and Divinity. Only the "accidents" or "outward appearances" remain.

Physical Objects
They look and feel solid but in reality their substance is 99.9999999% empty space.

Literally means "thanksgiving." Refers to the Mass in general, and particularly to the second half of the Mass where bread and wine are transformed into the body and blood of Jesus and partaken by members of the Church in Holy Communion.

Adjective form of Christology, or the study of Jesus Christ.

The state or condition of the justified as their lives are purified and prepared for heaven. Purgatory has nothing to do with atonement for sins, or giving sinners a second chance to enter heaven.

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